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The Importance Of “Smart” Living

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The “Smart” Modern World

You and how you live is key to accomplishing this. It’s smarter to have flexibility than it is to have certain kind of stationary living. Granted, stability is nice—but what if property value plummets in the area you bought a house? Well, then you’re not just established; you’re stuck. Part of smart living means doing your homework before you buy.

Many smart living solutions utilize green energy. This can be great for a residential living situation, but may not be precisely appropriate if you don’t plan on putting down roots. Still, if you spend $15k on a tri-fold sustainable energy system (solar panels, wind energy, water energy through an adjacent stream if you have one), you’ll basically be grid-independent.

Not only that, you’ll likely get tax breaks—depending on your locality, of course. Still, if you were paying $100 a month in electricity costs, through such a system you’d save $1,200 a year. In under 13 years you’ve earned back your initial investment, and your property retains the value of a built-in grid-independent energy system.

That said, if you’re going to invest in a property like that, you want to know you’ve invested in the right one, and before you do that, you need to get the “lie” of the land. In San Francisco, that can be very complicated. From The Mission to downtown to the docks to south of town, Chinatown, Daly City, and everywhere in between, San Fran has options.

The Importance Of “Smart” Living

Luxury Apartment Solutions

What you might want to do is find a luxury apartment community. These are gated, have all the amenities you’ve come to expect from the finest apartment solutions, and are usually located in areas which have some core community relationship.

One of the best apartment communities in San Francisco is Panomar; according to their website: “From wherever you are in the Bay area, it’s just a short trip to your next home at the Panomar Apartments of Alameda, CA. Where adding convenience doesn’t mean giving up personality. Where closing your front door opens up a different point of view.”

But perhaps you don’t work in or near the Panomar area. Maybe you’re more closely located to Silicon Valley. Not to fret, the same agency actually offers a number of top-tier, premier rental facilities in this area.

Or if you’d prefer peaceful bay living combines with premier entertainment, you need not look any further. There are many entertainment choices wrapping the bay. Being centrally located is key to seeing them.

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Why “Cheap” Apartments May Cost More

Certainly you can go with bottom-dollar non-luxury solutions, but you may actually end up paying more for these collaterally. San Francisco has become the tech capital of the world in the last several decades. This has made it one of the richest places on Earth, and simultaneously one of the poorest.

You will find corporate production facilities limned in homeless street-dwellers throughout the city. Some places are worse than other, and some communities are saturated, while other aren’t. A non-gated community is very vulnerable.

Between stress, theft, burglary, vandalism, and assault, there are many things which can ultimately hamper your living and lifestyle choices if you go truly bottom dollar. It may not be worth what you save.

Meanwhile, luxury apartments are trustworthy. You get what you pay for, you maintain security, and you get time to make an informed choice, or perhaps even choose to permanently live in an apartment.

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