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Inspiring Latino Pride ​#InspireOrgullo

Inspiring Latino Pride ​#InspireOrgullo

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Growing up I was always encouraged to be myself. I grew up influenced by not only my parents, but my seven tías, tíos and three sets of abuelos. It was a very big deal for all of my cousins and myself to not forget where we came from and be proud of who we are. The balance of being just like everyone else and still being completely different in your upbringing is undoubtedly tough. When I was thirteen years old I remember my dad driving my friends and I to the skating rink. He turned the station on the radio and his favorite Tejano song was on. I sunk in my seat a bit in embarrassment of my dads choice of music. My friends giggled and I knew what they where thinking, “what the heck is your dad listening to?”. A part of me was annoyed that my dad was letting his “Latino Pride” shine, but another part of me was defensive and wanted my friends to embrace my dad even though the music was completely opposite from what they grew up listening to.

As it turns out I was paying too much attention to what others thought of me. My parents never seemed to care what others thought, in fact they cared too much about their pride to even be bothered by others.  I actually loved that song too, but was too embarrassed to let my friends see that.

Fast forward to now and my adulthood is filled with those memories of my Hispanic culture. I am inspired everyday by the values and the Latino pride that has been instilled in me. I celebrate the fact that I never shied away from the beliefs and culture instilled in me. The beauty of my Hispanic heritage is that it is now being passed on to my boys. We enjoy the influences of my families strong Hispanic and Catholic upbringing.

#InspireOrgullo Inspiring Latino pride with Actress, Dascha Polanco

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