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Juppy Baby Walker Review and Giveaway ends 8/29

Juppy Baby Walker Review

My sweet little DJ just turned 6 months on the 10th of August.  We are half way to 1 year old.  Sigh… this is a fun age full of milestones, but the “baby” I rock to bed is growing way too fast.  He can roll, sit up {assisted}, loves to bear his weight on his feet, started baby food and is teething.  We were given the opportunity to review the Juppy Baby Walker.  This is a parent assisted walker that you can take everywhere.  I love that it comes in its very own bag and is small enough to fit in your baby bag, stroller, glove compartment.

It teaches baby to walker sooner.  Is much safer by avoiding unnecessary  pulling and tugging on babies arms to hold them up right.  My ten year old is a major help with his little brothers and was very excited to be the first to test this out.  You can see from the pictures below that any size adult could benefit from the Juppy Baby Walker.

Here is AJ {10} scrunching down to  hold up his brother.

Here is AJ effortlessly holding his baby brother using Juppy Baby Walker.  I love that this is simple enough for anyone to control.  DJ has complete control over his arms and legs and can concentrate on the mechanics of walking with out being bogged down by your hands under his arms trying to hold him up.  His torso is also more upright in the Juppy.  This is a well thought out walker that is made comfortable enough to not restrain your childs legs and body.  The straps easily adjust for the person using it {short or tall}.












I am quite impressed with this especially when out in public. From my pictures you can see that it is not the most attractive look to be bent over holding up a small child. With the Juppy I can stand up straight be comfortable and look comfortable.  You avoid the back pain of hunching over.  This is a must for any parent.  Walking is a pivotal milestone that takes a lot of practice and patience.  The Juppy give your child the opportunity to adjust to the upright walking position sooner. Eases the fear of holding on and gives them freedom to explore.

Visit Juppy Baby Walker .

Giveaway Time

(1) ATD reader will win their very own Juppy baby walker courtesy of the peeps at Juppy.   Giveaway will end 8/29!  (1) winner will be randomly selected using rafflecopter.

To enter you must do the mandatory fields on rafflecopter {1.}”like” Juppy on facebook and {2.} follow ATD on google friend connect.  The other fields on rafflecopter will gain you extra entries.


Please be patient while Rafflecopter loads 🙂

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