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I finally Took My Kids To Get Haircuts #HaircutsAreFun

Cookie Cutters Huebner San Antonio
Special thanks to Cookie Cutters Huebner Oaks for the complimentary haircuts. 
Every few weeks I convince my boys it’s time to get a haircut. I usher them into my bathroom and literally give them a buzz cut while they squirm, dust little hairs off their faces and beg me to hurry up. Buzz cut anyone? 😉 There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a hair dresser, I went to cosmetology school and even worked in a fancy salon. I put away the shears a long time ago, but found it easier to clipper my kids heads rather than deal with their dramatics in a salon again. An environment that caters to kids is exactly what my children needed to break their stress and fidgety behavior.
Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids
I took the kids out to the new Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids in Huebner Oaks for a real cut. We loved the total kids zone atmosphere with a play area, fun chairs and tv’s ready to go with whatever they wanted to watch. It’s nice to take my kids somewhere that is completely kid friendly and I don’t feel like I’m having to hover over them at every second. They had the best stylists who engaged them and made them feel comfortable the entire time.
Inside of Cookie Cutters Huebner
 Even though Miesha is still trying to grow her hair out, she was obsessed with the pink car and had to test it out.
Cookie Cutters Huebner
Brody was really overdue for a haircut. He actually aged about five years with his clean cut look. 
Brody haircut at Cookie Cutters Huebner
My sweet little Domi loved sitting in the Batman car and watching Moana on the TV. He was super excited when his stylist asked if she could put hair gel in it. Get your family out to the Grand Opening this Saturday. There will be lots of fun for the kids and 1/2 price haircuts will be happening all weekend. Get all the details on facebook.
Dom Cookie Cutters Huebner

Grand Opening Celebration

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids Huebner Oaks 

9/30/17 Saturday

10 AM – 2 PM 

Cookie Cutters Huebner Oaks, San Antonio, TX
11745 IH10 WEST

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