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My First Professional Massage: Massage Heights

what to expect professional massage

Disclosure: I was invited to Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing in San Antonio.

I had my first experience getting a professional massage. This is thirty-five y’all, I’m a woman who finally cares about her entire body. It’s true in my thirty-five years, I have just had my first professional massage. In all honesty I had so many questions about getting a professional massage that kept me away.

what to expect professional massage

I’m ticklish, will I be able to relax? Is the cost going to stress me out? How naked do I need to get? Will it be painful? What the heck does deep tissue massage even mean?  I hear some people get sick after a massage, will that happen to me? Could a massage trigger those lower back problems I occasionally deal with?

All those questions just overwhelmed me and that spinal decompression therapy table at my chiropractors office, worked pretty well on my average aches. I had a chat with San Antonio local owner Alisha from Massage Heights, Deerfield Crossing location and we collaborated for me to have a “secret shopper” type experience at Massage Heights. The staff that day had no clue who I was and treated me as any other new client. I must say I felt a little guilty dodging questions about what I did for a living.

I went in with no idea what to expect for my first massage. I arrived ten minutes early and was greeted at the door by the receptionist, “Hi! Michelle?”.  Perfect, they are expecting me. She had me fill out a short form that would help the masseuse get to know me, what I am comfortable with and what I wanted to focus on. She also encouraged me to have a bottle water. The time I spent up front (about five minutes) she chatted with me. I was led through the long hallway, of low lit lights and soft music to the bathroom. First tip, take the water, drink the water, and use the bathroom even if you don’t think you have to. You don’t want to have to take a potty break during your massage.

From there I headed back to the front, where my masseuse was waiting. She led me back through the hallway to my room. We chatted for a few minutes about this being my first time and how I used my chiropractors spinal decompression therapy table as my source of “massage”. Mind you I was always in excruciating pain. Clearly not a massage anyone would call relaxing. My fears of getting a massage with lingering lower back problems where immediately put at ease.  She asked lots of questions about my back problems. What where they exactly? What was my diagnoses? She made it clear that if anything was too much or not enough to let her know. About that to get completely nude or not question, it is all about preference and what you feel comfortable with. Clearly you can go completely commando or choose to leave your undies on. Ditch the bra, though.

My First Professional Massage, Massage Heights

Massage Heights Deerfield San Antonio


Therapeutic aromatherapy is an essential part of the massage, after discussing my options I decided on the lemongrass aromatherapy.  I was then left in the room to get undressed and slip under the sheets face down. While this initially felt all kinds of awkward, the warmed bed and plush face cradle was like butter. I literally melted under the sheets. The soft music and dim lights added to my comfort level.

My masseuse knocked, came in, and lowered the sheet from my back. I had a hot stone therapy that was the absolute most amazing experience. The lemongrass aromatherapy and hot stones combined completely relaxed throughout the entire massage.

My biggest takeaways from my first experience with getting a professional massage is that a massage is more than a form of relaxation, it’s an essential part of body maintenance. It is also very important to be hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after your massage.

Leaving Massage Heights I felt more clear-headed and relaxed. I woke up the next morning with a little soreness in my shoulders, which encouraged me to head to the gym for a workout and hit the hot tub. I am completely sold on a professional massage, the experience left me wondering how I have managed to go so long without relieving my muscles from daily stress.  If you have any reservations about getting a massage, I hope this will ease your fears. The experience is life changing.

Massage Heights offers a high-end spa feel without the high-end prices. Try an introductory 1-hour massage for $49.99 and if you take any of my advice add the hot stone therapy body elevation. For more information check out Massage Heights San Antonio.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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