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Experience Neutrogena Naturals and Simplify Your Routine #NeutrogenaNaturals

Neutrogena Naturals purifying #NeutrogenaNaturals #IC #ad

This post is sponsored by Neutrogena as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Experience Neutrogena Naturals and Simplify Your Routine. This time of year has been really rough on me. I’ve been traveling for the past three weeks, there is something miserable about living out of a suitcase. I find myself tired all the time and rushing to get ready in the morning and bedtime routines are chaotic. My sleep suffers because my list of things to do is so long and I can’t find my groove on the road. My life has slowed down in the fact that I am finally home and unpacked, but SXSW is here and I am still scrambling to plan for that. I decided last week to raise the bar on my beauty routine by simplifying it. In an effort to minimize the time I spend getting ready in the morning I need a fail proof routine that works. Thanks to tips from Brand Ambassador Kristen Bell, I have upped my routine with her simple beauty tips.

Neutrogena Naturals Skincare tips

Brand Ambassador Kristen Bell

As told to “The shifts I’ve made towards being more eco-friendly aren’t monumental, and they don’t have to be a total overhaul. It shouldn’t scare people. For example, I try to limit my showers to 3 minutes; one long song and you’re done. I do 4 things in the shower: I use soap, shampoo, conditioner, and brush my teeth. Most of the time, it’s all done simultaneously!”

As told to “I really like the Neutrogena Naturals line because there’s a minimal amount of ingredients. It’s really pure and natural. I live by the Purifying Facial Cleanser — I use it every single night. I use it either with my fingertips or a little wooden natural bristle brush, and then I use the Multivitamin Nourishing Moisturizer. And that’s pretty much it.”

As told to “I always wash my face before I go to bed with the Naturals cleanser….Consistency and simplicity is what my skin really, really responds to.”

Me real life sans makeup 

Neutrogena Naturals #NeutrogenaNaturals #IC #ad

Everyone always says to make yourself a priority. I believe this to be true am putting my best foot forward -in as little time as possible. 

My morning routine consists of jumping in the shower to help me wake up. I keep Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser at arms reach. I love that it gives me that invigorating and clean feel I need by washing away impurities and detoxifying my pores. It’s a simple two minute routine that removes 99% of dirt, oil and impurities. With naturally derived ingredients, I feel comfortable using Neutrogena Naturals on my face. The willowbark Bionutrient salicylic acid removes dirt without pore-clogging residue.
After my shower it’s straight for the Neutrogena Naturals Moisturizer to boost my skin and keep it looking and feeling youthful.  The daily lotion replenishes essential skin nutrients. It’s fortified with vitamins B, C, E and antioxidant omega bionutrients, to boost my skin. With no harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes or phthalates, I depend on this moisturizer daily. The Citrus cream scent is addicting and refreshing. 
I always have Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Remover Wipes on hand. Neutrogena Naturals makeup remover wipes are the first thing I grab when I want my face to breathe and wind down. They are perfect for waterproof eye makeup and formulated to dissolve oil and makeup with a swipe. The fresh scent is so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling cool and hydrated.  The ultra-soft wipes are soothing and leave that healthy-look without needing to rinse my face. 

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Neutrogena Naturals runs off the grid on a Green Server. The Green Server is a self-sustainable, sun-fueled and wind-powered server that only uses renewable energy.The Neutrogena Naturals renewable packaging is made from 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled content. The recycled paperboard folding cartons use 70% less water in processing than virgin paperboard does.

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