10 tips for making life easier and more efficient

I got the opportunity to share my top ten tips for making life easier and more efficient while on the go, thanks to socialmoms and Seattles best.  With summer in full bloom, three kiddos and a hubby who works from home.  I am 24/7 busy! 1.My number one tip for making

ten reasons to visit Virginia Beach #VirginaBeach

With summer in full bloom, I am faced with the overwhelming task of keeping three boys occupied.  One of our favorite things to look forward to during summer is our annual family vacation.  The great thing is, it is never to late to plan a trip.  When I think of

Weekends & Family…Perfect

I've had a super duper weekend (so far).  I am knocking on wood for that comment.  We live a good hour away from my parents, which for me is one hour to far.  If it were up to me I would live next door to my parents.  We try to

My toddler was bullied

This afternoon BJ (my two year old) had an appointment at a doctor's office we hadn't been to before.  He's been having issues with iron deficiency.  AJ and DJ also came along for support, of course :)  This office had a separate play area for the kids with a glass

Our new addition

Check out this adorable little gal.  She lives on our property with her mama.  My boys have tried to get close to her, but her instincts keep her away.  I just had to share the adorableness that we have frolicking around here .

Starting Rice Cereal, already…

My little DJ  is 20 weeks old.  There is joy and sadness in this, I love this age, he is my ham, loves to cuddle, still smells like a baby, flips his lip right before he cries and giggles at the sound of my husbands voice.  But sadly the little

Lets Get Personal on A Thrifty Diva

Happy Days are here, again. I've been in a little slump lately.  Sometimes I just look around and feel like I'm not doing enough.  It's more of a time management thing, but it puts me in a major funk.  I am a positive person for the most part, but sometimes I

A Thrifty Diva’s Love Rules To Live By

Stay true to yourself...No matter what Happiness comes from you...don't expect others to make you happy Love always...no matter what Tell the truth...even if it hurts Don't worry about what others will think...unless it is illegal If you believe in someone...fight for them Everyone fights...but not everyone makes up Treat others how you want to be treated...always Never

Ten Time Saving Tips for every Mom

As a mom of three, I always wish I had just another hour in the day.  I am busy 99% of the day to say the least. I have come up with the ten most important time-saving tips to make your life as a busy mom easier. 1. A to do