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Painting in San Antonio at Pinot’s Palette

Painting in San Antonio at Pinot’s Pallete 

Good Time Alert!  One of the perks to my “job” checking out new places in San Antonio and sharing them with you.  Pinot’s Pallete has arrived in San Antonio.  You can find the paint studio in Alamo Heights.  Can I just say I am a person that loves art, but the thought of me making my own scared me.  I am by no means an artist with a paint brush.  So my thought was I would at least get to hang out with some of my favorite ladies for the night.

Painting in San Antonio

Painting in San Antonio at pinots palette

A before the action starts picture with our teacher for the night.

Painting in San Antonio pinots palette teacher

I really wish I would have taken a picture of our snacking and drink spread.  Pinot’s Palette painting in San Antonio is a BYOB painting studio.  Invite a few girlfriends or take your date.  Pick up a few of your fave snacks and a bottle of wine and head over to Pinot’s Palette painting in San Antonio.  I was to busy enjoying the snacks and wine that I forgot to take a picture. Find your spot and follow along.  The directions where surprisingly easy and I almost felt like I wasn’t doing to shabby.

Painting in San Antonio

A good two hours, two bottles of wine, and plenty of snacks later…

Painting in San Antonio pinots palette

I had a blast and loved spending two uninterrupted hours painting in San Antonio with these fabulous SA bloggers.

Painting in San Antonio pinots palette sign

If your looking for painting in San Antonio Pinot’s Palette is the perfect destination for an evening I highly suggest calling a few friends or grabbing the hubs for a couple of hours of painting fun.  I had so much fun and can’t wait to get back in there next month and get another painting on my wall.

You can check the upcoming class schedule for Pinot’s Palette Alamo Heights.

Connect with them on facebook too.

Painting in San Antonio

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