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We love our dogs just about as much as we love our kids, don’t tell my boys though, jealousy is kicking in these days.  They are indoor – outdoor dogs and love to venture off on our property and do all that fun dog stuff.  Dig in the dirt, roll in the grass, chase deer and then yup, you guessed it come inside and pretend they are human.  I am so excited to share Pawtizer with you.  You see taking our dogs baths daily isn’t feasible or good for their skin.  Brushing them out and using pawtizer is a routine we can do.  We also don’t want to pass germs on to our family because we were careless with our dogs care.


Did you know dogs have the ability to carry human borne bacteria and transfer it on to us and in our  homes?

Pawtizer is a specially formulated antibacterial sanitizer that kills germs using a benzalkonium chloride.  An alcohol-free, antimicrobial compound found in most health care industries as preservatives, surface cleansers, sterilizing agents, and topical antiseptic sprays.  You use the sanitizer on your pets paws right before they make there way in your home, it works to kill those harmful germs and diseases.  Our  healthy pets can pick up and carry germs that may harm your family, produce unintended illnesses and bring diseases into our  homes that we can now  prevent with Pawtizer. 

Keeping my Family Safe!

I am more than willing to take extra measures when it comes to my family.  My 1, 3 and 11 yr olds love there dogs and want nothing more than to keep them a close part of our family.   That being said Pawtizer gives me a sense of relief that I am not doing more harm than good by putting our furry guys in a position to potentially pass on unwanted germs to our children or us. 

Right now you can purchase Pawtizer on Amazon keep a lookout on the Pawtizer Site because they are coming to a store near you soon.

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