ProSkin Blogger Challenge Week 1 Results

ProSkin Blogger Challenge

This week I rocked my ProSkin leggings for a fall trends fashion collaboration.  I also spent a good 60 hours in them this past week, yes I washed them.

So if you caught my starting measurements post ProSkin Day 1, I am on day seven and have my new measurements.

midsection 34 in

Hips 36.8 in.

upper thigh 21.5

lower thigh 17 in.

above knee 14 in.

lower knee 12.5 in.

calve 13.5 in.

I have lost in some areas a teensy bit in my hips (awesome, I’ll take it), my lower thigh 1/2 an inch and 1/2 an inch below my knee.  Outstanding considering I have done NO exercise besides walking.  I was in the lazy girl weight loss regimen :/

Check back next week to see how I manage.


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