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Sasquatch Ride-On Costume For Kids

Sasquatch Ride-On Costume For Kids post is in collaboration with all thoughts expressed are my own. 


We take what seems like the entire month of October deciding on what the perfect Halloween Costumes will be. I like to consider this a mom tip, because my kids always seem to find a “better” costume if we try and commit to one too early. I ordered this Sasquatch Ride-on Costume for my 8-year-old without even asking him a few days ago, because I knew it was right up his alley and he loves to not have a run of the mill style costume.

Sasquatch Ride-On Costume For Kids

We literally ordered it two days ago and its already here to make him want to wear it daily. If you are like us and wait until the last week to decide,  TvStoreOnline is a great resource for your costume. They specialize in classic TV and movie memorabilia and fun costumes.

Order today using code 2DAY to get your costume by 10/29. 


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