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What Kind of a Name is That? by Shawnna D. Poor

I’m so excited to bring you this giveaway.  My friend Shawnna published her first children’s picture book, “What Kind of a Name is That?”.  The book is awesome, and no… not because Shawnna is my friend or she made me say it.  It truly is a must read.  Kids of all ages can connect with the idea of being teased.  The excitement of making friends and those important life lessons we learn as children.


I asked Shawnna to give a Question & Answer about her book “What Kind of a Name is That?”


What prompted you to write “What Kind of a Name is That?”
I grew up with the last name Trout. As a girl with the name of a fish, I was an easy target. I was teased relentlessly. Now, I was the new kid and once they got to know me the teasing eased up but I do feel I have developed a great sense of humor from that experience. Now I am married to a wonderful man whose last name is Poor. I know, I didn’t win the last name game! So, I worried that our kids may be teased because of the name. I decided to write a book to help them learn how to deal with name calling while also learning to laugh at yourself.


 Do you have other books in the works?
I do! I currently have one book with my publisher, it is another picture book. I am also working on a chapter book for middle graders. I have several others started but I am focusing on the chapter book.

Do your children like being the main characters of the book?

They love it. Madison was very excited and when I got the opportunity to be a guest author at their school, we were all thrilled. Canyon did ask why his sister got to be the main character and I assured him I would write a book with him as the main character (hello chapter book!).


Where do you get the ideas for the story?

I think interesting things happen to us all the time. I like to take a moment or a comment and turn that into a story. The great thing is that you get to take the story wherever you want. You are not bound by what really happened. In “What Kind of a Name is That?”, the teasing happened to me and not to my children. The part where Canyon sees Madison in front of the restrooms happened to my sister and me. I like fiction that has some elements of truth in the story. To me it makes the story more interesting and people can relate to the characters and plot.


Where can readers find your book or schedule you for an event?

There are several places they can get a copy of my book. They can visit my website:, they can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc. I can also come to their Elementary School, library, bookstore, etc. My website has my upcoming events that I will be at and you can also contact me there to schedule an event. My book is available in paperback or eBook. Each book has a special code in the back and they can download the audio book for free!

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