Loss and Celebration after a Miscarriage

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  I laid on the bench seat of my husbands Dodge truck as he ran errands before my OB appointment. This wasn't a planned appointment, so for him life must go on I guess. As tears ran down my face and blood ran down my legs life carried on around me. I

Why I’m a Mom – This Video is Everything

Grab a tissue mama's this video is everything.  It's a one minute and thirty-five second reminder that all of those frustrations, stresses and freak outs are all worth it. Take a deep breath, slow down and love on those babies who just keep growing. The Why I'm a Mom campaign is brought to

Why is 12 Weeks Safe to Announce Pregnancy

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There are so many different opinions on when to announce pregnancy. Most people will say that 12 weeks is a safe time to announce a pregnancy. So what is so significant about the twelfth week and should you hold off that long.    When I wrote this post initially, I was 13 weeks pregnant with baby