Repurposing Cabinet Doors into Weekly To Do

Repurposing Cabinet Doors into Weekly To Do

I originally wrote this post in 2013 as a collaboration with the Habitat for Humanity Home Center. As we all navigate a new normal of homeschooling and working from home I thought I'd share a great way to get organized for the week. Post contains affiliate links. I love a great

How To Remove Wax from Walls

How To Easily Remove Wax From Walls Safely

This post on removing wax from walls was originally written in 2013, it is still one of my most popular posts. Today we had a lesson in how to remove wax from walls. When my four year old kicked a ball in the living room, I immediately cringed and then heard

Raising Backyard Chickens

raising chickens week 19

It has been a journey raising backyard chickens.  My 12 pullets are about 19 weeks old today. They get into a little bit of trouble around here, but boy are they entertaining.  I didn't realize how attached I'd get to them and their well being.  They haven't laid an egg

2019 New Year Goals: To Be Productive and Fulfilled

As we end another year I have settled on my 2019 new year goals. I aim to focus more on being productive and fulfilled in my business and as a mom. I'm not big on making new years resolutions. I actually can't remember the last time I made a resolution and

EPCOT vs Disney World | Your Next Orlando Vacation


The battle of EPCOT vs Disney World. When you hear the words Disney World, you probably think about Cinderella's Castle and fun rides such as Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney World is actually a term used to describe the Magic Kingdom and to distinguish it from the park

3 Items That Will Make You Feel Pampered at Home

As a mom, you work hard — really hard. From keeping everyone and everything organized and handling a lot of the chores to transporting your children to the many places they need to go, you are on the go from sunrise to sundown. While you deserve to be pampered as often

Plan For The Perfect Family Vacation with this DIY Travel Savings Bank

Plan for the perfect family vacation with a travel savings bank.

I found a fantastic DIY travel savings bank idea that got me excited about planning for our next family vacation. My husband and I are passionate about family travel and providing enriching experiences our kids won't forget. As summer vacation planning season has officially kicked off, I want to

Kicking 2018 off with Less Pressure

A new year, same me. Every year I make all kinds of good intended resolutions and every year they fade away after a month or two. I can't deny that I am naturally an unorganized mess. So this year there are no resolutions to break and less pressure on myself to

Your First Visit to NYC

A thrifty guide to seeing the sites while saving the bucks New York City is a magical place. The largest city in the United States and – arguably – the most important city in the world, New York City stretches over two islands and the shores of two major rivers. It

Chalk Markers vs. Regular Chalk: What’s the Difference?

You know when you go to your favorite coffee shop and are left in awe of the beautiful, eye-catching artwork on the chalkboard out front? Chances are the artist used chalk markers rather than traditional chalk sticks. Chalk markers are a great way to add a stunning contrast to your