The Most Valuable Way To Plan Your Blog Content

Post contains referral link. How is CoSchedule the most valuable way to plan your blog content? Over the years I have transitioned my blog into content that has value. This hobby of blogging is now my full time career.  I have stumbled upon all kinds of editorial calendars available, but never fell in love with

How To Make Money Work In A Marriage

how to make money work in a marriage

Research indicates that couples argue more about money than anything else. How do you avoid financial woes from becoming the root of your marriage problems? Money-minded Psychologist Dr. Malec, author of the book “Marriage in Modern Life: Why It Works, When It Works” (, offers constructive solutions for marital money stressors.  How To

Seven Tips to Effectively Marketing any Business

Marketing your business is one of the most important steps you will take as an owner.  Whether your brand is huge or small the steps you take to get your business out there is something you should make a priority.  The great thing about marketing is you don't have to

So Fresh And So Clean! Welcome I have a new look

It's so fresh and so clean here! A few months ago my site was hacked and the appearance of my site was scraped. I woke up to a jumbled up site and coding that I had no clue how to fix.  It was seriously a day of crying and with

Brands and Bloggers Working Together

Brands and bloggers working together, the first steps. Over the past five years blogging has become my profession.  I didn't just wake up one day and decide I was going to make a living or even be successful at blogging.  Blogging started as an online diary for my boys.  As

Monetize Your Blog with Linqia Campaigns

Monetize Your Blog with Linqia Campaigns

The monetization tips are back. If you followed me last year, I used to post monthly tips.  I decided to bring the monetization tips back in 2014 weekly.  If you blog and are looking for ways to grow your brand be sure to check back every Thursday. Are you part of the

Turning your Blog into a Business

Turn your blog into a business

Follow these simple steps to turning your blog into a business. The hobby of blogging is fulfilling and very therapeutic for a lot of people.  As a blogger you can easily find that blogging has it's perks and also has the ability to garner you an income if you push past having

How to Blog and Connect

HOW TO blog and connect tips

Do you know how to blog and make the right connections to take your blog to the next level? I am a huge fan of networking and making connections with like minded individuals AKA other bloggers.  I have learned so much over the past few years making these type of connections.

How to Pinterest for Bloggers

How To Pinterest for bloggers

So you have a pinterest account, now what?  Pinterest is the leading form of traffic for bloggers.  Want to join in on the amazing traffic source?  Here are some great tips on how to pinterest. Pin images that rock! Clear, large and high resolution pictures are most desired and pinnable Watermarks should not

Change Permalink Structure Without Losing Backlinks

Change Permalink Structure When I first started blogging, I had no clue how important it was to have a great permalink structure.  I was pumped to have dropped my blogspot  link and didn't think twice about the fact that I was using the publish date in my permalinks. 11444