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How To Remove Wax from Walls

How To Easily Remove Wax From Walls Safely

This post on removing wax from walls was originally written in 2013, it is still one of my most popular posts.

Today we had a lesson in how to remove wax from walls. When my four year old kicked a ball in the living room, I immediately cringed and then heard a crash. He knocked over my wax warmer and there went purple wax running down my wall. My husband freaked (he doesn’t see these kinds of disasters all day long) me on the other hand, this is just a normal day. Almost two and four-year-olds commit these acts regularly.

How To Remove Wax From Walls Safely

I went into clean mode as I imagined myself at Lowe’s trying to match paint chips. We don’t even own this paint color anymore.  Cut a piece off from some inconspicuous place? I always wonder about these things.  After about 15 minutes of scrapping pieces off with my nails and a butter knife, I had a lightbulb moment. Heat!

How to remove wax from my walls


how to safely remove wax from tile

I ran to the bathroom grabbed my hair dryer and on medium-high heat started warming up the dried wax. I reached for the white paper towels and wiped the liquid wax off the wall. The was literally beaded up and started to roll down. Using wiping and patting motions I was able to clean up every drop of wax. Just keep using a clean paper towel or you will end up making more mess. I cleaned my textured wall, baseboards and the tile floor in minutes. Don’t waste your time scraping or picking at the wax. When you go to remove wax from a surface remember to start in an inconspicuous spot just to be sure you don’t go past the paint surface.

Update: I have even tried this method on my carpet, wood floor and it works just as well on both. Just make sure you don’t have the heat close to the carpet, you could start melting fibers.

The simplest way to remove spilled wax from walls.

hoe to remove wax from walls safely

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