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10 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Growing up as a very Americanized Latina I have always struggled to really learn about my culture.  With Hispanic Heritage Month in full swing and three boys whom I am trying to raise to love and appreciate their culture, I  am not leaving it up to the schools to teach

Diva Dangler Earring of the Month Club

Diva Dangler Earring of the Month Club  Do you love earrings or know someone who loves earrings?  Have I got an awesome opportunity for you.  Join the Earring of the Month Club for only $9.95 per month.  And when you join you will get these silver chandelier earrings free.   I love

5 Razors a month for $1 Join The Dollar Shave Club

If you are looking for another way to trim down costs.  Have I got a hot dealie 'o for you. 120 Razor Cartridges for $30 Shipped That's 5 blades per month for 2 Years The Ninja Blade has everything a razor should: stainless steel twin blades, an Aloe Vera lubricating strip, a