Dear Charles Barkley, I’m a #PROUDSAWOMAN


I have to admit I don’t usually get annoyed by San Antonio “fat” jokes.  After all we have been named the “fatest city” and  we do have a serious obesity epidemic.  Charles Barkley spouting off about San Antonio women is nothing new.  He has riled us SA ladies up before with his “San Antonio ain’t got no skinny women” comment.  Obviously that comment really pissed off a lot of SA women.  Stunningly our Charlie didn’t get that memo because, this week he decided to shake things up again and insult all San Antonio women one more time, you know just for kicks. 

Mr. Barkley is superficial and must have a thing for gender discrimination.  Thanks for throwing all us SA woman under the bus with your “gold mine for Weight Watchers” remark.  I am not sure what kind of shock value Mr. Barkley is going for, but making fun of the opposite sex really isn’t ever funny.

Just like it wasn’t funny when those racially charged comments where leaked about Donald Sterling.  Sometimes you just got to shut it and keep those negative comments to yourself.  Does it make you feel good Charlie to poke fun at the woman of SA? Dear Charles Barkley, I’m a #PROUDSAWOMAN!

proudsawoman Dear Charles Barkley, I'm Proud SA Woman  #PROUDSAWOMAN


The fat girl in me wanted to punch you in the throat!

The mom in me wanted to write your daughter a letter, letting her know that whatever size she may be in life, she will always be perfect!

I was reminded that as a mom of three boys I need to  instill in them the importance of being gentleman and respecting women.

My amazing friends and fellow SA bloggers Tori, Melanie and I are challenging SA woman to take a stand with us!  Share a photo of yourself on social media with the hashtag #PROUDSAWOMAN

Tori said it best “Raise your voice! Show everyone that we are more than a number on a scale! Show that you are a #PROUDSAWOMAN!”

P.S. Go Spurs GO!

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