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Delta Children baby walker | When is baby ready for a walker

A closer look at The Delta Children Delta Lil' Fun Walker Review when is baby ready for a baby walker

I received the Delta Children Lil’ Fun baby walker in exchange for my personal thoughts. 

Can you believe that I have four kids and this is the very first time I use a baby walker with one of them? Years ago as a first time mom, I stumbled upon a well meaning friend who offered lots advice. One of them was that a walker would only delay my sons walking skills. I skipped the walker all together and didn’t do anymore research. Four kids later and with the wealth of information that is at my fingertips, I decided to start researching options for my very mobile baby. I received the Delta Children Walker just in time for me and this little lady to learn all the things about walkers. 

When is baby ready for a walker?

Miesha is a week shy of eight months old and it seems like overnight she figured out how to sit unsupported, scoot around and is even attempting to pull up on anything that stands still. Putting her in the Delta Children’s Lil’ Fun Walker for the first time was a very entertaining experience. She was at the perfect age to start exploring without me holding her and she loves the independence a walker gives her. We chose a decently large area in our home where she could safely move around in a baby walker. We actually had to convince her that it was okay to slow down. She figured out that she could chase the dog, me and her brothers around the house immediately. Her first attempts at moving in the Lil’ Fun Walker consisted of her leaping forward with both legs and then sitting. Quite amusing and I wish I would have saved that instagram story I made of her doing it. 

Delta Lil' Fun Walker Review | When is baby ready for a walker

Is a baby walker safe?

Like anything else a walker should be used in moderation and under close supervision. I can see how they can become dangerous if you use them in an area that can cause serious dangers for baby. Walkers make babies mobile and a mobile baby can now reach for things they couldn’t get to before. It’s also dangerous when stairs are involved, even one step could seriously injure a baby in a walker.

Why we chose to use a walker?

The Lil’ Fun Walker has given Miesha confidence to stand and she is putting one foot in front of the other to move about. No more jumping to get where she needs to go. I just a few short weeks we have seen that the walker has stimulated her skills to move around and find her balance.

About the Delta Children Lil’ Fun Walker

The Delta Children Walker is the perfect option for my mobile baby. We have trusted Delta Children brand for years.  The baby walker is nicely made and sturdy, so I feel confident putting her in it. The toy tray keeps her busy with lights and sound and she can sit there for what seems like forever moving the little ball around with a pincer grasp. You can also remove the toy tray and use the underneath tray for snack time. The Lil’ Fun Walker come in Blue, Hannah and Pink, we are quite fond of pink around here. You can adjust the height to grow with baby and even fold it closed and travel with it. The walker has anti slip blocks that make the walker a more safe environment. I love that Delta Children Lil’ Fun Walker is an inexpensive option and is everything we want and need in a walker. 

Trying out the Delta children walker When is baby ready for a walker

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