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Experience Caress: Beauty Bar VS. Body Wash

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caress bar vs. body wash shower showdownAre you a bar lover or a body wash phene? As a little girl bar soap ruled shower time in our home. My mom had a bar sitting near her sink that was solely for her face. Then there was the bar in the shower. As we got older and body wash became more popular my mom made the switch and the rest was history. I was a body wash girl.  I recently received the CARESS® FRESH COLLECTION body wash and beauty bar and it got me thinking why did we just kiss the bar soap goodbye. It provides so much freshness and I had the best skin. I loved the bar soap so it is just a matter of preference, mood or is there more to the bar soap – body wash debacle. 

Caress Emerald Rush Beauty Bar

Caress Emerald Rush Lush Gardenia & White Tea Essence Fresh Beauty Bar is infused with lush gardenia and white tea essence. Just open the box and let water run over your beauty bar to experience a purely delicate beautiful scent. The fresh beauty bar scent will linger on for hours with a lush scent. The beauty bar produces a delicious lather that leaves my skin soft and silky feeling without any residue. My skin feels delicate and beautiful after using the Caress beauty bar.


Caress Emerald Rush Body Wash

The Caress Emerald Rush Lush & White Tea Essence Fresh Body Wash produces a revitalizing lather to and moisturizing feeling as you wash. The scents leave a light and refreshing I just stepped out of the shower feeling and no overpowering scent. 


Bar Vs. Body Wash 

After a week of switching from Caress body wash to Caress beauty bar I can honestly say this is truly all a matter of preference. There is no proof to the idea that one is more hygienic than the other or one is going to dry you out more.  Really what it all comes down to is your skin and what works for your body type. My skin felt just a smooth and fresh. I personally love the bar soap a bit more. The bar in your hands and skipping the pouf. I love that the bar soap is a little more green, no empty bottle to trash when you are done. I love a sudsy bar waiting for me. 

Shop Caress Emerald Rush at your local Walmart and experience all this buzz and why I love the fresh and energizing scent.

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