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Glam Up Your Everyday Look This Winter With Carmex

carmex moisture plus lip balm nude lip

Glam up your everyday look this winter with Carmex. These four simple tips will amp up your look. There’s no need to spend an hour getting ready. These four simple tricks will give you a fresh look.

Glam Up Your Everyday Look This Winter With Carmex 

Glam up your look with carmex

Revive Flat Hair

The Hot Tools large barrel curling wand gives bold ringlets that transform your look.  No need to do your entire head either, take big top sections to add volume and sections around your face for voluminous curls. Top off the look with hairspray and shake your curls out.

Bold Lashes

Whether you are a pro at mascara or not, the key to getting bold, long lashes is curling them.  Give your lashes a boost with an eyelash curler.

Perfectly Nude Lips 

Line lips with a nude shade lip liner to add definition and outline.

Moisture Plus

Carmex Moisture Plus® lip balms are not only stylish sticks, but they offer the perfect shine. The aloe and vitamin E, moisturize and soothe chapped lips. The light vanilla flavor is the icing on the cake to top off this look.

Carmex moisture plus lip balm

Limited-edition patterns are a must-have accessory. Purchase Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm for $2.49 at checkout lanes of Walmart, Walgreens and Dollar General.

Thanks to Carmex for supplying product in exchange for this post. 

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