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Cartoon ABC App Review

Cartoon ABC the educational app for iPad and iPhone for kids ages 2-6.   If you love educational apps as much as I do this one is definitely a hit.  This ANIMATED ALPHABET is an INTERACTIVE and FUN, game style alphabet app.

Cartoon ABC App Review

With every tap  your child makes the app comes to life.  Teaching letters and words.  It also includes an animated video.  Encourages your child to learn the ABC’s, remember the words  and recognize the way the words are written.

Trying out the Cartoon ABC App

Kids love Cartoon ABC the educational app:

|interactive mode of learning | – 100+ amusing animations |pleasant melodies | child-friendly colorful graphics | cute characters with sound accompaniment | a new instrumental version of their favorite ABC chant


| kids’ fine motor skills develop as they tap the letters and images | children’s memory improves when kids revise letters |attention span increases as a child stays concentrated on the task | kids also learn to associate the way the letters and words are pronounced with the way they get written


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