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Cleopatra’s Choice Skin Care Products Review

I have to be very careful with the products I use on my skin, especially my face.  I break out fairly easily and all it takes is a product the causes my pores to clog to send me into a spiral of breakouts.  As the clock seems to be speeding up and I find myself in my early thirties, I am starting to venture unto the world of slowing the aging process down.  In my quest to find the best products on the market I would like to introduce you to Cleopatra’s Choice.

Cleopatra’s choice offers the most innovative and unique skincare items from around the world.  Shop by country or shop specifically for your needs.  I found the site to be one of the most informative when it comes to pin pointing my needs.  the site is packed with reviews from real customer experiences on every item.  I find it best to search through reviews before purchasing.  It makes the commitment easier when I know the thoughts on a product.  Free Shipping on purchases over $25 and discounts off all Cleopatra’s Choice products.

I received the Adovia Mineral eye Gel (regular $36 on sale $24.95) and have fallen in love with it.  The light sheer formula has taken the need for three other products out of my routine.  I deal with dark circles, under eye puffiness and I am starting to see the fine lines form around my eyes.  I have been using this product consistently for almost 4 weeks now and have noticed my eye area appears more vobrant and even toned.  It has also cut out the need for a base primer on my eyes.  My skin feels hydrated and the formula is not oily it blends well and absorbs into my skin.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increasing skins elasticity and firmness.  With the Adovia Mineral Lift Serum (regular $60 on Sale $49.95)  my skin looks less dry and more hydrated.  I have a tendency to dry out around my t-zone.  After four weeks the product has lightened a dark spot, one of my problem areas I have had since I was young.  The serum has done wonders to my face already and like the eye gel is a thin sheer consistency.  And has a light fresh scent.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I have unruly/curly hair.  You wouldn’t know it unless you catch me after a shower or on a humid day.  I use straighteners to get my hair to look tame.  I have added the Hairganic Intensive Serum (regular $26 on sale $8.96) to my routine when I don’t have time for the flat iron.  The serum works well giving my hair a shine and softness while making my curly/wavy hair styled.

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