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How to Recreate Olivia Munn’s Fade Matte Nails Met Ball Look

Fashion’s biggest annual event, The Met Ball, dazzled and we have celebrity manicure artist Tracylee taking over to share how she created Olivia Munn’s red carpet one-of-a-kind nails. Tracylee is the Sally Hansen Nail Ambassador who show stopped this year’s Chinese-themed Met Gala with Olivia Munn’s exquisite fingertips.

How to Recreate Olivia Munn’s Fade Matte Nails Met Ball Look

Tracylee used Sally Hansen’s award winning Complete Salon Manicure in Red My Lips with a fade to black using Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out. She completed the look with Big Matte Top Coat.

sally hansen olivia munn nails

How to Recreate Olivia Munn’s Fade Matte Nails Met Ball Look

First, start with a manicure, shaping nails in a ‘squoval’ shape and neatening up cuticles.

Next polish nails with one coat of sally Hansen complete salon manicure in ‘red my lips’ on all ten nails.
Next, using sally Hansen extreme wear in ‘blackout’ and a makeup sponge, you’re going to lightly sponge on the blackout, starting 3/4 of the way down the nail.

**Tracylee’s tips:

  • I find it best to dab the polish from the sponge onto a napkin or piece of paper first to remove most of it so you getting very light effect.
  • Cut makeup sponges just slightly thinner than your nail width. This will help control the polish getting messy on the sides of your nails.

Repeat with black polish, now starting now 1/2 way down the nail in a light dabbing motion. Repeat again with the black polish, now starting 1/3 of the way down the nail in the same light dabbing motion.
If you are satisfied with the look great! Otherwise a little more blackout just at the very tip of the nail.
**Tracylee’s tip:

  • dab a bit of ‘red my lips, onto the nail to blend any lines of demarcation.

Clean up any nail polish that may have gotten on the skin with polish remover.

**Tracylee’s tip:

  • Cleaning polish before applying top coat, will not only keep your nails looking neat, this will create a great bond of the top coat to polish and help prevent polish chipping later on.

Apply sally Hansen’s extreme wear, ‘flash fast dry topcoat’ to seal the design and to help polish dry quicker.

**Tracylee’s tip:

  • Matte top coat can often chip a bit quicker than shiny. Using a quick dry top coat, BEFORE a matte top coat will seal the polish to the nail properly and help with polish longevity.

Let nails dry approximately 10 minutes, then apply Sally Hansen’s ‘big matte topcoat.’ To finish the look”

Olivia Munn nails at Met ball

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