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The Feeding Basics for Baby

The feeding basics for baby


Today I am sharing with you the feeding basics for baby.  I basically overwhelmed myself when I was pregnant.  I felt like I had to have every accessory under the moon.  When it is all said and done the basics is what you need.  A great set of bottles, transition cups, solid feeding plates, spoons and snack containers.  Easy right?!  I have tried tons of products and have found that Dr. Browns has the quality and simplicity that I wanted.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

The Feeding Basics for Baby Dr. Browns bottle

I am a tried and true believer of Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles.  Six years ago when I was pregnant with BJ I had no intention of using bottles {ever}.  I wanted to relish in my stay at home mom status and have a healthy breastfed baby.  Fast forward to my new six month old sweet pea and we where going strong with breastfeeding.  My only problem, I was hogging up my child.  Everyone wanted a piece of him, but it seemed all he wanted to do was nurse.  More so if we where not at home, it was like a security blanket for him.  Our on the go lifestyle wasn’t very on the go for months and months.  My mother-in-law was desperately wanted a relationship with her grandson, but he clung to me and nursing.  I gave in and purchased a breast pump and bottles.  We went through bottle after bottles until I purchased Dr. Browns.  The narrow shape silicone nipple worked wonders.  I am not quite sure if it was the nipple that wasn’t confusing or the fact that Dr. Browns natural flow bottles vent system provides positive-pressure vacuum-free feeding.  But he was sold!  I was able to pump and be on the go with him content having a bottle in place of nursing.

With my last son, I pumped from the get go and he also was a fan of Dr. Browns natural flow bottles.  This breastfeeding and bottle feeding meshed flawlessly for an entire year.

Snack-A-Pillar Stackable Cups

The Feeding Basics for Baby Dr. Browns snack-a-pillar sttackable

I think the transition to table food is one of the most exciting times.  My little guys where huge snack lovers from the beginning.  To portion control and give them a daily balanced diet I have turned to the stackable Dr. Brown’s Snack-a-pillar cups.  Every morning fill a few cups with their favorite snacks and have them ready for when snack time calls.  They are also great for little dippers.  The spill-proof cups are hold liquids at home and on-the-go.

Dr. Brown’s Training Cup & Divided Plates

The Feeding Basics for Baby Dr. Browns divided plates trainer cup

 Solid feeding fun with training cups and divided plates.  I love the bright colors, toddler portion dividers, curved sides, and non-skid base of the divided plates.  The BPA free sip-activated valve keeps Dr. Browns training cup spill-proof  and also has an easy flow of liquid.  Activated by babies sucking keeping it mess free when it tips over.

Long Spatula Spoon

The Feeding Basics for Baby Dr. Browns spatula spoonThe coordinating bright colored long spatula spoons are great for scooping out of jars and using to keep food off babies face.  It’s a scoop and spatula all in one.



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