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Fresh Spring Fashion Tips


Fresh spring fashion tips. If the balmy breezes of Spring haven’t reached your part of the country quite yet, they’re surely on their way. And about time! Haven’t we all had enough with bundling up? Whether you’re an avid style-watcher or a more down-home girl who just wants to look of this century, this is the season to freshen up your wardrobe like the daffodils that are bursting forth in bloom.

Before you head out to the stores or settle in to shop online, take a moment to check the great coupons that are available for places from Macy’s and Kohl’s to Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and even Pea in a Pod. Bringing your closet up-to-date doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

There are a number of Spring 2016 trends to watch for. They started on the runways in Paris and Milan, but have been reimagined for everyday wear and will be available in stores of every price range. What’s more, none of them screams “this year’s fad,” so you can be confident that most styles will work for quite a while. Pick and choose among them to find the ones that fit best into your life and your current wardrobe.

Fresh Spring Fashion Tips

1. Bare Shoulders

As the Cole Porter song has it, “In olden days a hint of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but now, heaven knows, anything goes.” He wrote that lyric back in 1934, and he probably couldn’t have imagined what today’s “anything goes” means. But this season it’s the relatively sedate but seductive shoulder that’s become the erogenous zone du jour.

Every clothing line is showing tops and dresses that expose the shoulder, whether entirely bare or peek-a-boo style, and in styles from beachy to dress-up. Don’t forget that you may need a bra that’s strapless or with straps that convert for a no-show look when your shoulders are bare. That let it all hang out lingerie style — if you want to call it a style — was never really fashionable, and will certainly detract from this look.

2. Updated Ruffles

Ruffles aren’t just for the kindergarten set anymore. Sophisticated ruffles are cascading down very grown-up dresses, edging skirts, embellishing sleeves or collars, and adding a graceful flow to every kind of garment. Too much of this pretty thing can be overkill if you’re old enough to drive, so only wear one ruffled piece at a time to lend your look just the right feminine touch.

If you’re still wary of looking too girly (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) you can get that hard-soft thing going if you wear a ruffled top with dark wash jeans, or a ruffled skirt with a leather jacket that has some attitude.

3. Ladylike Pleats

Pleats are back, but not the wide ones that are ubiquitous in school uniform skirts. This year’s pleats are narrow and delicate, embellishing blouses, skirts, and dresses alike, some in the most delicate of fabrics. As with wearing ruffles, you can get together a yin-yang outfit by pairing a pleated top or bottom with another element that has a harder edge.

4. Frayed Denim

Jeans have been going strong since forever, and there’s no reason to think they’ll ever be out of style. All you probably want to do is add a new version to your rotating stable of them every once in a while, and this time around it’s jeans with frayed hems. Lucky you if you’ve already got a pair that frayed on its own!

Fresh Spring Fashion Tips
Fresh Spring Fashion Tips

5. Stripes and More Stripes

Stripes are classic, whether or not designers decided to make them a thing this season. But you’ll be seeing them everywhere, and you may as well take this opportunity to find a top or skirt striped in vibrant spring colors. Just beware of stripes so wide that they make you look like an awning.

6. Low Rises, High Waists, and Wraps

Maybe designers couldn’t make up their minds, but both low-rise and high-waisted pants are in the stores for spring, so check them out to see which work best for your figure. Wrap skirts are back, too, if they ever really went away. Mind the slits, please, so you don’t give away too much. It might work on the red carpet, but could be really embarrassing in real life.

7. Shiny Stuff

Who doesn’t like to shine once in a while? Shimmery clothes are a lot of fun to wear at the holidays, but clothing lines are obliging even this season with fabrics that glisten. Not all are for the faint of heart, though, or anyone who doesn’t want to highlight her hips or any other feature that shine will draw attention to.

8. Ankle Crops

And here we are at ankles again. What worked a hundred years ago is working again today. Wearing ankle cropped pants is the perfect way to show off your fabulous shoes as well as that part of the female anatomy that used to make men weak in the knees.

Here’s a fashion slide show of some of the best and some of the more outrageous takes on these spring trends.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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