Furniture Redo’s Giani Granite Desk and Chevron Glue Gun Fun

I have been obsessed with faux looks and am so excited to get my hands on Giani Granite paint. 

It’s been a furniture redo kinda month around here. Fitting that January brought on the need to change things up.  I started with this desk that somehow ended up at our house.  It was my brothers over 15 years ago.  I remember it sitting in the corner of his room.  Nothing nice or fancy just a yellow cheap desk.

I received Giani Granite Countertop paint to try out.  Since our kitchen and bathroom already have granite,  I decided to use this as a spot to “practice” the technique of painting granite.  The Giani kit supplies all of the steps, a dvd, practice board and sponges to get the job done.  We are redoing the kids bathroom soon, so I have my sights set on granite style counters for them too.

giani granite

Giani Granite Steps

There are 4 steps prime,  3 mineral colors to gain the desired shades you want and a top coat.  The picture below shows three different techniques I used.  The left side contains less of the black and is more smudged.  The right side is my desired look. I like how the black shows through in and the pearl color off the white is more prominent.  Here is the finished product and this desk is in my kiddo’s room and he now has a little corner for his laptop.

giani granite

 I found a lot to love about the Giani Granite.  

I wasn’t to concerned about messing up as I quickly realized that layering the three colors just made the swirly granite look, easier to accomplish.  If it needed less or more of a certain color it was easily adjustable.  My only gripe with the Giani Granite kit was that I had to watch the dvd and youtube video.  I wish the direction pamphlet would have come more detailed with pictures.  I had to watch the dvd and watch a little on “veining” a couple of times stop it and then do the steps.  A detailed picture book pamphlet would have been nice.  Not a big issue but it turned into a longer process than I anticipated.  One Giani Granite kit covers 35 sq. ft. or 16 linear feet.

Shop Giani granite products.  Keep up with our home renovations where I will be doing the kids bathroom with Giani Granite in March.


My next project this month is a chair redo.  I am sure these chairs (we have 2 of them) where cool decades ago.  I guess they where my in laws and my husband ended up with him sometime when he moved out. I really have no idea why we have them, but They have managed to travel from house, to house and here.  I am surprised we didn’t leave them by mistake somewhere.    They have been sitting in our guest house for four years and are really hideous in my opinion.  No offense to the hubs for keeping them, but I got tired of seeing them around. 

glue gun chair redo

You may cringe right now because, I covered these with fabric using only a glue gun.  I am sure there are some rules to what not to use a glue gun on, but hey I am not a follow the rules kinda girl.  When I get an idea, I go with it and can’t stop until it’s done.  I didn’t sew not one thing and I am surprised they came out as good as they did.  To get the piping, I literally stuck hot glue in the crease and kept the fabric taught as i wrapped the seat and back and let it dry.  This by no means is going to be used and sat on daily.  I am going to use it as decoration in my oldest sons bedroom with a funky skull pillow on top.  I am working on the second chair this weekend.  And yes, I painted the brown black.

furniture redo

I received one or more of the products mentioned (giani granite) above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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