Top 10 Gifts For Boys 4-7 years old #LetsPlay

Top 10 gifts for boys 4-7 years old #LetsPlay #GiftGuide

I received a Toys R Us gift Card #LetsPlay #ATDGiftGuide

Top 10 gifts for boys 4-7 years old #LetsPlay #GiftGuide
A few weeks ago I handed Brody and Dominic The Great Big Christmas Book from Toys R Us. The boys spent an hour making their holiday wish list. Since then they have edited toys and added to their list. I think the shock of them circling half of the book finally left me. This weekend we brought the book out and spent sometime on the Toys R Us site deciding what we really wanted to add to our home. I even made my own list of the top 10 gifts for boys 4-7 years old. 

Top 10 #GiftGuide gifts For Boys 4-7 years old #LetsPlay 

Writing, drawing and creating are an integral part of the early years. Give the tools to create and the sky is the limit.

Memorization and brain building games are the perfect way to expand your little ones mind.

Lego is another creative and educational toy. Also developing motor skills at this age is crucial to your child learning to do everyday tasks.

Angry birds games take gaming to a new level with real life building and imagination.

Before you create a gamer, give your 4-7 year old a system that is interactive and educational. LeapTV keeps the blood flowing and your little one active.

Big Hero 6 was such a great movie, that we just had to add a Baymax to our everyday lives.

If Minecraft hasn’t started ruling your home, it will be.  Get a jump start or start the collection.

Jenga Game  We love this classic game and finally at the age of 4-7 years old your little one can join in the family game.

This is the perfect way to travel with kids at the park or for a walk.

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