Giraffes Are Back At The San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo debuted their newest residents November 20th, three reticulated giraffes (yet to be named) to the new Savanna exhibit an extension of Africa Live! The Giraffes come to us from the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, TX. The three giraffes a father (8 yrs) and his two sons (3 yrs) are making the Savanna their permanent home. The Savanna expansion is set to offer a feeding experience with the giraffes. Feeding times will be set based on the giraffes acclimation to the Savanna, on their own terms.

Tim Morrow, CEO and executive director of the San Antonio Zoo expressed the addition of other animals joining the three giraffes in the Savanna in the future, specifically Zebras and Emus.

Head over to the San Antonio Zoo and experience Reticulated Giraffes face to face. Zoo staff are there to help your experience and answer questions about the giraffes.


I visited the giraffes during media day and experienced the timid giraffes out in their hut, very curiously poking their heads out. One of the brothers decided to step out once the crowd thinned and he made his way through the Savanna grazing on leaves and peeking back at his father and brother. It was a wonderful experience to be eye-toe-eye with these large gentle giants.

Giraffes Are Back At The San Antonio Zoo

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