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Girls night at the yard house

Girls Night at the Yard House is a compensated post in collaboration with the Yard House. All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect others.

I made time for a girls night last week and it was the recharge my soul needed. Delicious food and cocktails were the perfect way to get me through a mid-week funk. I will admit scheduling a girls night was hard, gone are the days where I can just get ut of the house. These days I have kids to consider and a husband who will have to pick up the slack. We both know how important it is to recharge. I realize that if I make time for myself and he has his time we will have a better relationship. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle of work and family life. It’s become easy for me to lose those connections that are most important in my life. I spent the better part of this year working so much that I realized girls nights had become a thing of the past.

Girls Night at the Yard House

Social media makes it so easy to feel connected with all of our friends and family, that you almost feel like you see them every day. I talk a lot about the motivational people in my life, most of them I work side-by-side with in some capacity as we are involved in the same line of work. These girl bosses and I have so much in common that it’s only natural we take a break from work life and enjoy each others company in a more relaxed and fun environment.

Girls Night at the Yard House

Yard House Girls Nights
We took a break from our norm and had cocktails and delicious food at the Yard House. The Yard House is the perfect destination to have a happy hour girls night. There is something for everyone in this unique dining experience.  We chose the most delicious cocktails and had our pick of over 130+ beers and a 100+ selection of menu items.  You really can’t go wrong at this beer lovers oasis. The food, classic rock and an endless fleet of tap handles featuring the best American craft beer and imports.


Have your own girls night with this late happy hour selection at the Yard House.

Pineapple Express Cocktail 

YardHouse PINEAPPLE EXPRESS new amsterdam pineapple vodka, cruzan pineapple rum, monin mojito, fresh pineapple, mint

We started out with a few favorites like the Spinach cheese dip, queso and buffalo wing appetizers.

Yard House SPINACH CHEESE DIP Vegetarian feta, jack, parmesan, cream cheese, crispy flatbread

Buffalo Wings 

yard House BUFFALO WINGS buffalo sauce, ranch

El Picante cocktail, Sunkissed Sangria and Pineapple Express.

Yard House Cocktails

Girls Night Vibes 

Yard HOuse Cocktails

Because girls night is all about indulging we went with some of the most delicious entrees. The menu at Yard House is extensive and they don’t skimp on deliciousness.

Porcini Crusted Halibut: parmesan mashed potatoes, porcini cream sauce, white truffle oil, asparagus and bok choy.

Yardhouse PORCINI CRUSTED HALIBUT parmesan mashed potatoes, porcini cream sauce, white truffle oil, asparagus, bok choy

Rib Eye & Shrimp: (12oz) parmesan mashed potatoes, grilled tomato, broccolini, house-made steak sauce.

Yard House RIB EYE & SHRIMP (12oz) spinach-corn-mashed potatoes, grilled tomato, broccolini, house made steak sauce

Pan Seared Ahi: seared rare, asparagus, chinese black bean sauce, fried basil and brown rice.

Yard House PAN SEARED AHI seared rare, asparagus, chinese black bean sauce, fried basil brown rice

Sunkissed Sangria

Yard House MIDNIGHT SANGRIA fat cat pinot noir, hennessy vs cognac, midori melon, citrus agave, clover honey, blood orange, pomegranate seeds

Cheeseburger & Truffle Fries

Yardhouse burger with Truffle Fries

Roasted Turkey Club

YardHOuse Lunch Special

Yard House makes everything to order, so you can switch up sides and make your entree perfectly yours. That’s my kind of girls night.

Yardhouse girls night dinner

Because a girls night with cocktails and delicious entrees should always include dessert. We opted for a few to sample.

Fresh Baked Brownie 

YardHouse Brownie

Banana Berry RUM Macadamia Nut Crumble: topped with toasted coconut ice cream.

YardHouse Cobbler

Mini Chocolate Soufflé cake.

YardHouse Desserts

Llévate un descuento de $10 con to compra de $35 hoy.

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