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Brentwood Home | Getting A Good Nights Sleep

ur Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle

This post is in collaboration with Brentwood Home.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect others

I forgot how much I appreciated a good nights sleep. I’m not even talking about those 8+ hours we all need, deserve and wish for. I’m talking a few solid hours of uninterrupted sleep. When I was pregnant just a few short months ago, my friends reminded me about those early days with a baby. It’s funny how I conveniently blocked out those zombie days and nights with a newborn. I spent the end of my pregnancy prepping for life with a new baby and planning for a good nights sleep.  I partnered with Brentwood Home and received the Sleep Wellness Bundle, because our pillows just weren’t cutting it anymore. 

Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle Pillows

Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle

This is the perfect 4 piece set for our king size bed. My husband and I have our choice of two different luxury style pillows to suit our mood. You really do require a variety of pillows depending on the kind of day you had. We have fallen in love with the Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle, because it offers the comfort we deserve and that feeling like we just snuggled into a five star luxury hotel. 

2 Helena Pillows 

I knew I would love the Helena pillows the minute I squeezed them and they literally puffed back up to their original state. Even after weeks of  sleeping on the Helenas I still have the support my head and neck need during the night without the pillows losing their fullness. They retain their shape with the smoothness of silk and fluffiness of cotton. The pillows are filled with all-natural latex ribbons and silky-smooth kapok. The cover is made of organic cotton, without toxic pesticides or fertilizers. My head literally molds into this pillow and feels like a fluffy soft cloud, just dense enough to be comfortable without being too firm or falling flat.

The Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Carmel Pillow

2 Carmel Pillows

When I am lounging on the bed, binging on netflix, or even working on my computer I prefer the Carmel pillows. These are the perfect pillows that prop me up and even provide that firm comfort I love behind my back, neck and head. The resilient and supportive Carmel pillows are made with latex and provide that coolness we all love in a good firm pillow. 100% organic cotton cover, and certified free of synthetic materials by the Eco-institute.

ur Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle



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