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Best Buy wants to make your next visit interactive with an experience that will bring you closer to all the latest and greatest products, a geek squad experience that will make you as tech savvy as you want to be with your gadgets, digital displays throughout the store and much more .  I had the privilege of stopping by the Legacy location on Saturday afternoon for the Grand Opening and I walked into one big party.

Little Sebastien De La Cruz {Americas Got Talent} was singing his  little heart out for adorning fans and huge giveaways with winners every hour throughout the day.  By the way this kid is not only talented and adorable. he is charismatic and could hold the crowd not only in singing but also keep them entertained between songs.  It was a pleasure to chat with him after his performance.

The center of the store is now the hub with a Geek Squad Solution Central.  It’s a “got a question? We’ve got answers” for all your Best Buy needs kinda place.  Have a burning tech question that you want answered without stopping by a store? Ask away with a tweet to @GeekSquad.

The store has completely revamped offering a layout full of eye level displays and gadgets screaming “try me”.

The Pacific Kitchen and Home center is a top of the line selection for every homes needs.  With in-store specialists ready to tailor to your needs and offer professional advice.

Stop over here to learn more about the new Best Buy experience.


In honor of the Grand Opening Best Buy is offering (5) $25 Best Buy Gift Cards to ATD readers.
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