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Guide for Choosing Affordable Dancewear for Your Kids


The importance of regular physical activity cannot be emphasized enough. When the time comes for your child to be involved in physical activities, you should consider signing him or her up for dance classes. The dance style and preference will vary depending on what your child is interested in. Popular dance styles include hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. 

As with most physical activities, you need to buy the right dance gear for your child if you want him or her to do well in class. Some studios require their students to wear specific dance gear while others are flexible with the uniforms. Either way, the clothes chosen should be affordable, comfortable, and appropriate.


Types of Dance Styles for Children

You can choose from a variety of dance styles for your child. Your kid might want to practice different dances before choosing the best one. This way, you will be assured that your child is interested in a particular dance style before enrolling him or her in a class.

Here are the different types of dances:

Pointe and Ballet

Ballet is a form of art that has been studied and practiced for years. If your child chooses this style, he or she will learn discipline and physical endurance. However, as the years go by, he or she might opt for Pointe.


The main difference between ballet and Pointe is that in Pointe, the dancer needs to wear special shoes that enable him or her to stand on tiptoes. The most common garments that ballet and Pointe dancers wear are tights, ballet shoes, and a leotard. When choosing kids leotards, you need to make sure they are not too restrictive or too loose.


This dance incorporates many different dance forms such as different ethnic dance styles, ballet, and modern dance. This means that it allows much more creativity than traditional dance styles such as ballet. When it comes to jazz, the standard uniform includes jazz shoes, a leotard, and tights.

If your child is uncomfortable in this form fitting outfit, check whether the studio allows its students to wear jazz pants. Girls usually wear a pair of soft shorts and a camisole over their leotards when they are looking for comfort.

Hip Hop

This is a very unconventional yet imaginative dance style. Hip-hop is full of excitement and energy, and it does not have rigid dance structure routines. With the kicking, turning, and spinning involved, hip-hop teaches flexibility, memory, strength, and rhythm.

In this dance style, formal dancing gear such as leotards and tights is not necessary. You only need to buy comfortable shoes and basic dance clothes for your child.

Types of Dance Clothes and Shoes

Once your child chooses which dance suits his or her personality, you need to buy the right dance clothes. Here is a list of common dance wear you should consider:


A leotard is a versatile piece that can be worn for many different styles of dance, including jazz, ballet, and tap. You can choose from a wide variety of leotards such as short sleeved, tank, and long sleeved styles.


This item is usually paired with a leotard. Tights are thin, stretchy, and light enough to allow free movement in any direction. You can choose between footed and footless tights when shopping for your child.

Ballet Shoes

Guide for Choosing Affordable Dancewear for Your Kids

When practicing ballet, you need to buy a very specific type of shoe: ballet slipper or ballet shoe. This shoe is great for beginners who are not yet dancing en pointe.

Pointe Shoes

This shoe is for advanced dancers who have started training en pointe. Pointe shoes allow the dancers to stand on the tips of their toes during their performances.


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