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How To Safely Relieve Bug Bite Itching and Pain| Bug Bite Thing Review

Bug Bite Thing review


I received a sample product of Bug Bite Thing in exchange for my thoughts. Affiliate links included. 


Bug bites are no fun. The immediate itching and pain from an insect’s saliva and venom will drive anyone crazy. Today I am sharing how to safely relieve that itching and pain with the Bug Bite Thing.


Have you ever tried to get the venom out of a bug bite? Even with creams and OTC drugs you are left with itching once they wear off. Pinching, scratching, and squeezing the skin can lead to rupturing and infection. My children have always been prone to getting bit they are magnets, especially by mosquitos. My youngest son and daughter both had allergic reactions so bad as toddlers that just one mosquito bite would cause severe reactions. I wouldn’t let them out of the house without long sleeve shirts and pants for fear they would develop symptoms for days because of one bite. It took a handful of trips to the ER before a doctor could finally explain that my children had Skeeter syndrome. It was one or two bites, that an hour later turned into high fevers and difficulty breathing. My daughter’s heart rate shot up one night and she became extremely uncomfortable, I immediately took her in and for hours we watched her heart rate double. She developed MRSA from scratching one mosquito bite and that’s when I knew how severe mosquito bites could become.

Get the venom and saliva out safely with the Bug Bite Thing.

When I read about The Bug Bite Thing I knew we needed to review this tool. Every spring I start to dread what a mosquito will do to my children. Yesterday my son ran over to me after he realized something bit his leg. We immediately took out the Bug Bite Thing and placed it over the bite. As you can see there was absolutely no swelling yet. It has a small raised area where the bite occurred and the skin around the bite was becoming red.

mosquito bite


My son placed the Bug Bite Thing over the bite and began to squeeze the tool. He squeezed a handful of times and felt no pain or discomfort from the tool. It uses suction action to bring the mosquito saliva back out and not release it into your body.

how to remove bug bite venom safely

You can see that after a few uses he squeezed the tool holding it suctioned for about 15 seconds twice on the bite it immediately looks different. The point where he was bitten now has a red spot and the skin around it is back to normal. No pain, no itching, and we were back to playing with his siblings with no reaction.

The tool is reusable, just wash it and keep it in your first aid kit for the next use. The tool also has two suction size options. Just flip the cap for a smaller area or use the large end as we did for a larger area. It works on any type of insect bite and even on bee stings to pull the stinger to the surface. It also helps pull out splinters. No more reactions from bites and stings.

Purchase the Bug Bite Thing on Amazon.

Bug Bite Thing review


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