How do you treat a headache?

Quick you have a headache, how do you treat it?

My remedy is persistent massaging {to distract the pain} and a cold wash cloth.  When I came across the HeadCoolie wraps I had to give it a try.  The HeadCoolie Wrap is an easy to wear wrap that velcros closed around your head.  The internal pockets hold a re-freezable gel insert.

  • The consistent pressure caused by the wrap provides for a quicker outcome.
  • The gel inserts chill and compresses blood vessels to help relieve discomfort and pain.
  • The wrap gives you hands-free and drip-free symptom relief.

I am not fond of taking medication for myself and would rather use a natural method, the HeadCoolie has allowed me that ability to better care for a headache.  It’s great for kids who suffer from headaches and want to feel immediate relief.   Also great for pregnant women, who can’t take many medications and need the relief.

The HeadCoolie has many other uses as well.

  • Bring a fever down by lowering the core temperature.
  • Athletes recover more quickly after exerting themselves and reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses using a HeadCoolie during and after exertion.
  • Perfect fo outdoors to keep cool and prevent heat exhaustion.

HeadCoolie(TM) is a non-chemical, non-prescription therapeutic relief for fever, discomfort and headaches, including migraines. The HeadCoolie system combines a high tech headband with an internal pocket positioned to hold cold inserts on the forehead or neck.

The HeadCoolie is available in a variety of colors for only $19.99

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