Trending Tuesday: What’s In My Bag #HuggiesMomStyle

Trending Tuesday: What's In My Bag #HuggiesMomStyle

Disclosure: sponsored by Huggies #HuggiesMomStyle

Reality check I am a mom of a three and five year old, who carries a large handbag in an effort to always be prepared.  When my baby finally left the diaper bag stage, I still found myself needing stuff.  The stuff never goes away, it just becomes an entirely different assortment of necessities.  These days I am shuffling around with my boys; running errands, going on play dates, and networking in between.

My most important, must have at all times necessities.

Trending Tuesday: What's In My Bag #HuggiesMomStyle

Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes are my first go to necessity.  With 3 different designs the stylish baby wipes are adorably packaged for on the go messes.  I use them to wipe my boys faces, clean sticky hands and even do quick cleanups of restaurant tops.

Portable power for your most precious phone.  I don’t know what I would do without my Go-Go Juice battery charger from Jellyfish.

Bargaining snack for my little guys.  Let’s face it, sometimes I need to do things that are not so kid friendly.  Having a few snacks of the coveted chocolate on hand has made potential meltdown experiences a breeze.

Crayons to keep my guys from running up the walls, I let them write on them.  Kidding, but I do make certain we can scribble a game of tic tac toe while we pass the time at restaurants.

Business cards for all of my impromptu networking.

Cricket Wireless galaxy phone to keep me streamlined on and  off line.

Hair tie, Chapstick, Sunblock, and Sunglasses because this summer heat can really take a toll on us.

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Check out all of the adorable Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes designs.

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