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Inspiring Leadership in Young Women

NFL Women's Summit 2017

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I’m back from my trip to Houston where I attended the NFL Women’s Summit this past weekend. The Women’s Summit was an event held to inspire and provide encouragement for young women. It was a safe place to open up and identify your fears, and most of all a place to start the conversation of breaking barriers to be whoever you want to be.

As I walked into the Citadel, I watched teenagers congregating with their peers and filling up their complimentary cups of coffee. I had this immediate sense of gratitude and excitement for the young women that filled that room. They were about to be immersed in a moment-maker opportunity. A plethora of motivational peers and professionals were about to share their own stories and open up the conversation of leadership and life goals.Inspiring Leadership In Young Women

I’ve been lucky enough to have lots of motivational moments as an adult, but as a teenager when the push to succeed is most important those moments were few and far between. Looking back, I was the shy girl that didn’t have much of a path. Leadership skills didn’t come naturally and I was always hiding in the back to avoid being noticed. The idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up was always a big question mark in my life. This is what I needed! I needed to hear from women and men that I was important, that my life had purpose, that there was a journey that I needed to embark on.

Citadel NFL Women's Summit

Finding your passion will drive your purpose.

It’s important to find your passion. One of my favorite takeaways I had from the NFL Women’s Summit was from Hannah Alper.


This! You don’t have to “grow up”, you just need that passion that drives you to set a goal in place. When you are passionate about something you will find your purpose.


young women from the Provision Academy of Houston are ready to be empowered. #NFLWomensSummit #NosUne @NFL @SuperBowl #ad

Young women are growing up in a digital age where fame is important. Alexis Jones shared an important story in being true to yourself and breaking down that wall to do things that drive you and give you purpose, instead of things that just look good from the outside.

Fame is doing something so well you get attention for it. -Alexis Jones


Women's Summit Step and Repeat

Girls need girls. Women need women.

Find your tribe, be good to your tribe. As women, we need that support to guide and nurture our confidence. It’s important to find your people who get you. I am lucky enough to have known my best friend my entire life, my mom. She’s the foundation to my success and the most important person in my tribe.

Find your people, nurture your people. NFL Women's Summit 2017

I can’t praise the NFL enough for knocking this event out of the park. I left Houston, Texas, humbled and proud to have been able to sit in this room full of inspiring young women and speakers. The Women’s Summit embraced the opportunity for these young ladies to have an open dialogue with the speakers and their peers. Leaving them with the opportunity and encouragement to push themselves to be their best.

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