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Stay connected with the izon view real-time video monitoring anywhere

This post is sponsored in collaboration with izon camera. All thoughts expressed are my own.

It’s been quiet here for the past few days, because I needed a vacation from my “vacation”. Technically I was working, but I can’t even call a trip to Vegas work, because it was all FUN. Anytime I have to leave my family for “work” I come down with major guilt. My amazing husband is a champ about me traveling, but I know how insane me leaving him to run the house and kids can be. Major mom guilt is a thing that I struggle with big time. So instead of coming home d right into work, I disconnected for a few days.  As we find ourselves busier and busier we worry about things like, our dog home alone, our kids in their play room or home with the sitter and even our home.  It’s been a big deal to us that we start monitoring our home and family when we are away. Gone are the days where we rely on a neighbor to “watch” our home. We now use izon view to pop in real-time and check in with the simple app. 

monitor your home from anywhere

I like to do things like garden outdoors while my little one naps. It can be stressful to stay out for even short periods of time, because I worry I may not hear my son wake. With the izon view I can work in the lawn and have the app ready to alert me no matter where I am in the yard.  I worry about my kids when we leave them with the sitter and sometimes just want to peak in and make sure everything is going well without having to call. Someday’s our dog is home for long periods of time and we want to peak in on him. The izon view makes it simple even when I am hundreds of miles away to see real-time video. I have been using the izon view for over a month and am so impressed by the quality of the stream and simplicity of opening the app to see the real-time video. I feel like this is a must have for every parent and home owner. It’s great for peace of mind when you are away. 

izon Self Monitoring security camera

The izon view is easy to install. Simply place your small video monitor where you want it and plug it in. Add the app to your smart phone and sync them together. In minutes you will have your own self monitoring camera.

Video camera and companion app connects you with your home or office from anywhere in the world – featuring night vision, motion alerts and much more
Instant connection to the home: Instantly connect to the people, pets, places and things you love
Night Vision: IR LED’s on the front of the camera offer enhanced night vision for monitoring in the dark
Simple iOS App: Fully customizable user interface that includes push notifications for motion or sound
Scheduled Monitoring: Schedule the IZON View to turn on and off at specific times or when you are at home/not at home
Use it anywhere in your home: For use on any flat surface and can be mounted to a ceiling. It tilts and swivels easily on its unique magnetic base
Easy setup: No computer needed, setup takes less than 10 minutes
Wi-Fi Connected: Connects through your local wireless network
Two Color Options: Available in white or black
Available at: Apple Stores,
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