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Just For Men Auto Stop Hair Color

Just For Men Auto Stop Hair Color Review 

Here is something you might not know about me, I went to Cosmetology School.  I was having one of those what am I going to do with my life moments and my parents where on me to not miss another semester of college.  I had already completed three full semesters but was at a crossroads with what I was doing and I just couldn’t find the passion to go back.  So Cosmetology school seemed like a good place to fill my time and learn something I was very intrigued with.   In the process of cosmetology school I learned all kinds of fun stuff and hair processing and color was what I loved.  Coloring hair, lightening hair and covering gray hair was the best part.  Actually I did meet  quite a few people that embraced their gray hair and wanted no color on it.  My husband goes crazy when he finds a new gray hair.  It’s almost as if he sees his youth leaving way to quick.  But honestly he has random gray hairs, so I know he is just being critical.

We recently received Just For Men AutoStop to try out.  My husband was very apprehensive to color his hair.  He felt it was a girly thing to do.  After a little knowledge like how it targets only the gray hair for a natural look, leaving the non-gray hairs alone and that it would sit in his hair for only ten minutes, he encouraged me to try it first.  Uh okay, so reluctantly I headed to the bathroom for my own hair color.

Just For Men Auto StopThe Just For Men AutoStop is a quick and painless process. No mixing little bottles, it’s all in (1) tube ready to go.  The applicator comb makes it easy to apply without any mess.   And best of all it’s a ten minute process, no waiting for eternity to wash out the color.

Does it work: Yes, just as good as hair dye targeted to women’s hair.  90% grey coverage, I did find a few that where slightly resistant to the color.  It looked a little like a highlight, which I didn’t mind.   In about 3-4 weeks I saw the  grey show back up.

The natural no gray look is perfect.  It doesn’t dye the dark hair, but only concentrates on the grays and darkens them for a perfect all over look. We also shared a few boxes of Just For Men AutoStop with a few family members, who have barely any gray. 😉

It’s seriously no fool proof hair dye, that is fast and very convenient for one person.

Just For Men Auto Stop

  No gray, makes us happy 🙂

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disclosure: I received free samples from Smiley360 in exchange for an honest review and thoughts of Just For Men Auto Stop

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