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Kleen Slate Review & Giveaway

In my quest to be more green I am excited to add Kleen Slate paddle boards to our classroom.  Who needs all that wasted paper, especially when we are learning concepts and quizzing.  Kleen Slate is the only one hand white board tool, and boy is it handy.     My oldest loves working out his pre-algebra problems on the graph paddle.  It makes the concepts easier to comprehend and organized.


We spend a good amount of downtime perfecting our handwriting too.

Taking quizzes is a breeze and for some reason there is no complaining.  My kids think writing on the paddles is fun and look forward to implementing them into our day.

We love the vibrant low-odor dry erase  markers.   The eraser caps are perfect for quick erase.

The  built in marker holder is perfect for always having your marker on hand.  No more misplacing those markers.

Kleen slate was invented by a Teacher to improve classroom learning and has spread to become a household and office product.  There are so many uses for wipe away boards, the options are endless.  Kleen Slate is also one of those products you will have forever.  With the replaceable sheets that make your paddle new again.

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