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Madagascar 3 Party Ideas

Madagascar 3 Party Ideas

Are you ready to move it, move it?

We are hosting our very own Madagascar themed party in celebration of the release of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted!  My boys love Madagascar so here is a compiled list of great  tips to turn your party into Madagascar 3 party.   

Madagascar 3 Party Ideas

madagascar 3 party ideas cake
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A little craft goes a long way and keeps little ones busy while other guests arrived.  Set out child’s table with crafts to make  Alex the lion.  Have one made so that they can make it along with their friends or with parents help.  This is great for keeping them busy.

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For the food, buy a few already made french loaves slice.  Top with  mozzarella and pepperoni slices and pop in the oven one at a time a few minutes before guests are set to arrive.  Have other loaves ready to go as the first start to finish off.  We go through 3-4 loaves for a party of 15.  Just a little trick you start to fill everyone up and don’t feel overwhelmed with hungry guests.  Also have cut up fruit out.  This is an all around crowd favorite.

Mellman’s Mozzarella Bread

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 Add in a sherbet punch with crushed ice.

Marty’s Sherbet Punch

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Layered jello is another special treat.  And is a nice change from cake.

Gloria’s Rainbow Jello

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A little fun and games perfect for any age.  Try some of these and label them with the Madagascar theme.  We give out prizes and not for being the best but for having the best spirit, being a great friend, team player.  We like to keep it fun and ineresting during the party and not let anyone feel left out.

Alex Says: a take on Simon say’s

Penguin Rally: a take on musical Chairs

Marty Freeze: Freeze tag

Gloria hula: Hula hoop game

Mellman Toss: a take on ring over the bottle

Do you have any great Madagascar 3 party ideas to add?

Madagascar 3 Party Ideas

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