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Math and Science Curriculum Uzinggo Review

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Uzinggo all thoughts are my own.

Uzinggo Math and Science Curriculum Middle school and High School Curriculum for Homeschool - tutor -  supplement 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th grade

I am entering into another year of homeschooling.  As we are immersing ourselves in new subjects, I learn what my son needs extra attention in quick.  We have jumped into 7th grade.  Texas History, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Pre-Algebra.

Doesn’t that just scream FUN!

He has been taking the 7th grade Math and Science curriculum with Uzinggo the past couple of weeks.  We haven’t introduced any other curriculum of these subjects, as I want to see if we can work solely with Uzinggo for Math and Science.

What is Uzinggo?

Here is a run down of the 7th grade Pre-Algebra on Uzinggo.  The 7th grade program has 4 separate units.  Each unit is grouped into smaller units called ZingPaths.  You choose which path you would like to take and start on the interactive lessons and videos.

Uzinggo Math and Science Curriculum Middle school and High School Curriculum for Homeschool - tutor -  supplement 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th grade

The lessons are meant to teach a concept.  As you continue on one ZingPath your child will learn the concept in a few different ways, answer questions in a study guide form and take quizes.  The lessons are taught with real life situations for better understanding.  The ZingPaths are mapped out to flow like a lesson plan.  Uzinggo also offers activity sheets to supplement the learning.

What do I think?

My son has enjoyed the Math and Science Curriculum lessons.  He is following along with little help from me.  What I love is that I can pull up the Uzinggo Teacher guide within each lesson if he seems to struggle with a concept.  It breaks down the lesson with vocabulary terms, tips, ways to engage and simple directions to not overwhelm yourself.  Before a lesson I check the teacher guide and decide if we should also print the activity sheet and/or independent practice sheets included within the lessons.  The dashboard is a tool for parents/teachers .  You can review what he has learned, scores and how much time spent on each lesson.

Uzinggo is great as a sole curriculum for  Math and Science subjects.  My son is enjoying the lessons

Uzzingo as a Supplement and Tutor?

Uzzingo is not only a great addition to our curriculum it also serves as a tutor.  Have a struggling student?  Have a student that needs more enrichment?  You can use Uzinggo to not only supplement but also to help in low performing areas.  The search bar is perfect to jump straight to any ZingPath your child needs help on.  For instance when studying Energy I wanted a supplement to help my child along.  You can use the Uzinggo search bar for “Energy” and it will pull up all of the Science ZinPaths associated with Energy.

Would I reccomend it?

Absolutely, as a homeschool mom to multiple children I need a curriculum for my middle school student that is self sufficient when I am working with my other children.  I also appreciate not having to explain math and have Uzinggo lessons to walk him through  them.   My son can work through Uzinggo and then take the printed lessons and work them without help.  The only downfall is I always feel my son could use the work lessons and hate printing them out (between 2-4 sheets) for each lesson. May not be a big deal to you, but as a homeschool mom I am constantly having to pick and chose what to print out and go through tons of paper and ink.  I would love to see them add a workbook to the courses.

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