Metro PCS Affordable Wireless in San Antonio


Metro PCS Affordable Wireless Service in San Antonio no contracts and $40 a month unlimited plan

Metro PCS has made it’s way to San Antonio.  My other half is a huge UFC fan and the commercials have been implanted in my head that “UFC is moving to Metro…”.  So I kind of had to see what this new wireless company was all about.  Can $40 a month with no contracts be viable for a wireless obsessed, social media junkie like me?

Metro PCS brand is operated by T-Mobile US. connecting to the powerful nationwide 4G and 4G LTE network.  The company has doubled its MetroPCS brand presence across the country and is bringing “Wireless for All” to markets across the country.

MetroPCS offers the all-in-one unlimited data, talk and text wireless services with No annual contract. Offering great devices including high-end Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Also available is the Bring Your Own Phone program .  Bring in your compatible device with MetroPCS and connect with the 4G network plus unlimited for just $40 a month.

 Metro PCS has stretched it’s market to now include Corpus Christi, Houston, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

I received the just launched LG Optimus F3 for review.  Since most of my job consists on the internet.  I need a phone that is simple when I need to reply to emails and update my social media channels at a moments notice.  The touch screen is loaded with options and pre-loaded apps.  It is also easy to keep your screen organized by favorites and remove the ones you don’t use.

Favorite points on this phone is the quick memo which offers a quick way to literally draw on handwritten messages onto the screen or a picture.  I found myself using this a lot for quick reminders.  I have also had great service with the phone even trumping my other cell phone carrier without dropping a call, yet.  It is such a simple phone to set up and personalize.  Within a few minutes I had my emails going straight to my phone.  The battery has a long life which is a must, I usually have to charge my other phone multiple times throughout the day.  I charge my LG Optimus F3 at night and late afternoon if it has been a long day.

Check out Metro PCS Affordable Wireless in San Antonio for yourself and get connected for less.

Photo taken with LG Optimus F3 for Metro PCS the Affordable Wireless Service is now in San Antonio with no contracts and $40 a month unlimited plan



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