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Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE Review #DriveMitsubishi

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Oh hey, gals and guys! Remember that Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE I was raving about on social media last month. I drove that bad boy around for two weeks, needless to say I (sadly) had to give it back. The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE is a compact SUV built for up to five passengers, just like Goldilocks the Outlander was a perfect fit for my family of five.

Mitsubishi Outlander selfie

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE Review #DriveMitsubishi

Let There Be Light

We can all appreciate a panoramic glass roof. Crisp mornings with the sun peeking in is the perfect way to start my day. My boys especially loved the view at night, hundreds of twinkling stars shining down at us.  I left the shade open the entire time we loved the large view up above.

Roomy Rear Cargo

My monthly haul to Costco, Target and H-E-B all in one outing. Oh yes, I did! As Dominic says, “easy peasy, lemon squeezy”. All 30 rolls of toilet paper, 2 gallons of milk, and enough food to feed the army for weeks, check.

Rearview Camera System

If I had to have one feature, this is it. A must in my world. With young children this feature feels like a no brainer and quite frankly a necessity. When the vehicle is put in reverse the rearview camera goes on. It adds to the safety of preventing accidents.

Premium Sound System

My initial thought when I saw the 10-inch Rockford-Fosgate® subwoofer was this vehicle is perfect for a twenty-something.  The minute I had the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE to myself, I found my favorite Satellite Radio Station and blasted the Rockford-Fosgate system all the way to a meeting.  Talk about quality sound, I felt like I was at a concert.

Phenomenal MPG

I’ve been driving a large SUV for the past three years, so jumping into a compact SUV is a welcome change. As gas prices are starting to lower, I am more apt to drive across town without the guilt of another tank of gas. The Mitsubishi Outlander claims to get about 28 MPG combined driving. I actually got about 23  MPG’s in my two weeks of driving. Mind you I live in the outskirts of the city which is one way driving with a lot of stop and go just to get into town. 23 MPG’s still trumps my large SUV mileage and it was nice to see my gas go so far.

Easy Driver

Smooth and easy to maneuver ride. Realistically we go from baseball to basketball practice using the backseat for quick changes and having lots of meals on the go. The Mitsubishi Outlander is an easy vehicle to drive, it turns on a dime and feels smooth in the process.

Other key features worth sharing

  • Hands-free bluetooth features
  • touchscreen display
  • FAST-key entry
  • One-touch Start/Stop engine switch
  • Headlights with fog lights and LED running lights
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Side fender turn-signal indicators

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE Review #DriveMitsubishi

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE has a starting sticker price of $22,7951. The sleek design and compact vehicle is not only perfect for a first vehicle, it won me over as a compact family SUV. I would have never thought a small SUV could work for our family, boy was I wrong. Now that my younger boys are out of car seats and in booster seats we have enough room to fit easier into a more compact option.

Special thanks to DriveShop for the Loan Vehicle.



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