One of the biggest questions I get asked is how I am able to make an income writing.  It was never my purpose to monetize my posts, but with time and great mentors I have found affiliates who work with bloggers to do just that. I don’t use all of these affiliates and I am very picky which promotions I run.  I enjoy campaigns through sponsored posting first and then look to affiliate posts to supplement.


Escalate Media:

  • Escalate pays net15 with a $25 threshold.


  • MySavings pays net45 with a threshold of $50

Google Adsense:

  • After 30 days with a threshold of $100

Sponsored Posts {and tweets}

SocialSpark :

  • Write sponsored posts, set your price. Net 30 threshold of $50


  • Sponsored post campaigns.  Payment starts at $120 and can go up based on your performance with campaigns.

Sponsored Tweets:

  • Threshold $50

threshold is the minimum amount paid out.  If you don’t meet the threshold for the month your amount earned will carry over to the following month


I am also a member of the communities listed in the footer and receive campaigns via their promotions.

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