Monster Clarity HD In-Ear Headphones #YouDeserveBetter

monster clarity HD in-ear headphones

Product featured has been provided by Monster Products in exchange for my thoughts. 

If you know me personally, you know how hard it is for me to get motivated to exercise. I loathe the experience of my body being pushed to a seemingly intangible limit. I find any excuse to skip going to the gym. For me the experience of working out needs to be met with my favorite songs blasting in my ears.  It’s all about the atmosphere and the tone that gets me going.  In order to start taking better care of myself, I am breaking up with my old headphones. Sorry guys, but you do nothing to motivate me. Between trying to get in the zone, I am met with background noise and distractions.  The Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones are providing me with energy pumping sound that zones me out.

Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones

The Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones isolate the outside world allowing for clearer sound quality and provide just the right zone for this girl. Even a brisk walk for twenty minutes has become the norm all because of these headphones. Being out in public and needing to use the phone in a crowded area has also become easier with the Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones.

Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones control talk

Use the ControlTalk™ feature to answer a call, end a call and play or pause a song. The Monster HD clarity headphones provide exceptional

With 3 sizes of ear tips designed to block out outside sound. I am using the smallest tips and they fit perfectly snug without having to adjust them throughout use.
The overall design of the Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones are esthetically gorgeous. I love the black and neon pink for myself. They are lightweight and excellent for running around at the gym or sitting at my desk to zone out of the outside world.

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