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10 Must Have Beauty Tools at CVS Beauty 360

10 Must Have Beauty Tools at CVS Beauty 360

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Scrubbers, trimmers, buffers… I love them and I surely do obsess over a good tool. Beauty tools are essential to the beauty routine and I am pretty picky with my tools.  The better the tools the easier it is to get the job done. CVS beauty carries their own line Beauty 360 that includes all the beauty tools I can’t resist. I am rounding up my favorite Beauty 360 tools found at CVS.

10 Must Have Beauty Tools at CVS Beauty 360

Ergo Buffer $5.99

Why I love it: 3-in-1  manicure system that conveniently goes around your hand and sits in your palm . A file, buffer and polisher all-in-one makes for an easy on-the-go manicure.

Shape Defining Nail File $1.99

Why I love it: Stainless steel honeycomb surface files nails without causing splitting.

Comfort Hold Quarter Jaw Cuticle Nipper $14.99

Why I love it: Sharp nippers are excellent at cleaning up the skin around the nails in an instant. 

Extreme Eyelash Curler $6.99

Why I love it: super lightweight and easy to use. 

Cuticle Pusher $4.99

Why I love it: Gentle enough to use on yourself or someone else while still effectively pushing cuticles and lifting them from the nail for easy removal. 

Ultimate Brow Definer $4.99

Why I love it: With a comb on one end and an angle tweezer on the other this is my go to pair of tweezers. 

Skin Perfecting Tool $5.99 

Why I love it: No more face picking. This tool safely and evenly cleans up your skin. This is my secret weapon tool. After washing your face and drying, place the tool (either side) over a black head or pimple and press down. The pressure will release in a fluid motion the problem area. It will not push around under the skin causing a large break in skin.

Dual-Ended Precision Tweezers $6.99

 Why I love it: two ended tweezer. A slanted end and a pointed end get even the most stubborn hairs. 

Ergo Nail Clipper $4.99

Why I love it: These are not your normal nail clippers. These simply slide through your fingers making nail clipping so much more functional. 

CVS Beauty 360 tools

Shop the Beauty 360 line at And if you missed the details  about the Beauty Club members perks check them out on my CVS Happy New You, beauty post. 

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Disclosure: I received product as an influencer for CVS beauty. 

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