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Nifty Ideas For Your Wedding Preparation

Nifty Ideas For Your Wedding Preparation

If you ask any soon-to-be-bride, the wedding day can’t come soon enough; and yet, she’s happy for the extra time to get everything in order. Although it’s easy to make such a monumental event unforgettable, novel ideas mixed with traditional ones are still a good idea – when executed correctly of course.

First and foremost, you want your wedding dress to be picked out, measured and delivered well before the date. Next, think about your special guests, and make sure to send out directions for proper attire. After all, the bridesmaids cannot show up wearing something similar to your dress, now can they!?

One easy option is to look online. Just fire up your laptop and head to Bridesmaid Dresses & Bridesmaid Gowns | Azazie to see the wonderful and varied selection they have available.

Consider A Limousine Package For Your Wedding Day

Why not splurge on the prospect of making a grand entrance? You can certainly find a limousine courier in your city, along with the many in-car amenities that go along with it. You’ll get a chauffeur for much of the day, as well as a spacious interior loaded with goodies.

Most packages run in 5-hour blocks of time, so getting one for close to half-a-day can have you riding in style to multiple destinations (hair and makeup; etc) before the reception, itself.

Memorialize Your Beloved In A Painting

Nifty Ideas For Your Wedding Preparation. How about a painting of your beloved

Of course; it should be the both of you together, for best results. You’ll be taking several trips down memory lane with a well-rendered painting of you two in your Sunday best. It’s even better if you already have an addition to the family, in the form of a baby or the loyal canine/feline.

In fact, one of the top online vendors for this,, specifically does lovely pet paintings especially for events such as this. They are 100% hand-made, by a skilled oil painter who also dabbles in pencils and watercolor to bring the image you want to life on canvas. Unveil it at the wedding reception, if you like.

Be Unique When It Comes To The Catering

Fancy dishes aside; do you really know what people like to eat? Choose a slightly better version of what they usually eat. Why not consider having Chipotle cater your wedding? Or, set up a taco bar with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, steak, chicken or other on a grill. It adds another dimension to the festivities, as people make their own little delicious tacos to suit the range of appetites. Make sure to have vegan options available!

In a similar vein, you can hire a food truck – these have been very popular in the past few years, and are an excellent choice for offering diverse food options without having to set up several stations at your outdoor reception.

Hire A DJ…Or Have Your Friends Play

Having a music disc-jockey at a wedding is, of course, the usual way to go about it. But it would be a unique idea to have the musically-inclined people in your family bring their instruments and strum some tunes. It might not be particularly melodic, but it sure would be a lot of fun.

If you don’t quite have enough friends who play, then you can do something new by ditching the classical chords and having the hired musicians play your favorite rock tunes. It will certainly get everyone up and dancing for a change.

Hopefully these tips will create more time for you to focus on all the intricate details concerning with venue decorations, flower arrangements and the seating chart. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun, it’s your special day!




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