Pistachios From Sincerely Nuts


I love pistachios, what’s your go to snack?

chile limon pistachios is  the online destination for premium nuts, dried fruit, seeds chocolate & snacks delivered right to your door.

The healthy alternative to how to stop eating junk food, nutrient packed pistachios! Sincerely Nuts has a wide variety of flavors to satisfy those cravings for a little flavor roasted, salted, jalapeno, garlic, chili lemon, hickory, salt & pepper.

Packages from 1LB bag to 25LB case of your favorite varieties.

Why Pistachios?

·         Spice up dull recipes in need of a flavorful boost!
·         Help keep you full longer with 6gm of protein per serving
·         Provides 3 grams of dietary fiber, or about 12% of the daily value per serving.
·         100mg of omega-3s per ounce which helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol
·         Rich source of vitamin B6 which is essential to make the protein in your red blood cells
chile limon pistachios from sincerely nuts


I have been digging into this bag of chile limon flavored pistachios.  I am a huge fan of pistachios, but have never eaten any with flavor.  This is the perfect snack to kick my salty craving and skip the chips.  The pistachios are  flavored with just enough chile and a hint of limon to keep you wanting more.  Not overly flavored to the point where you are getting flavored fingers either.

We give these pistachios two thumbs up for taste.  I also love the resealable bag that makes it easy to take these on the go, especially when I need a snack at the ball field.

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