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Reflecting Back on 2016

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2016 brought all the feels. I distinctly remember last New Years Eve and that one resolution I made for 2016. I lived each day just as I planned that night; be me without regrets. As I was reflecting back on 2016 I was filled with emotions. I made it a point to not put my feet up in 2016, but to listen to that little voice in my head and speak up for what I believe in. And as quickly as I made that New Years Resolution, life started giving me the opportunity to put it to the test. As I reflect on last year, I learned how liberating it was to say no. I was tired of being a yes girl and I wanted to live for me instead of pleasing other people.  The push back didn’t come without heartache. It even defined my marriage in a new way. My husband wasn’t sure what to think about my new found voice, but he understood that I had to do this for me. It made me a happier person, a nicer person and made our marriage better. Something I didn’t even realize could be better.

Reflecting Back on 2016

2016 was a tumultuous year with a rollercoaster of highs and lows. The lows were definitely some of the biggest I had felt in a really long time and then like a bad storm, the rainbow emerged. The opportunities with work came fast and abundant at the start of the year and in the spring I found out I was pregnant. It was by far the roughest pregnancy and I felt awful most of the time. I didn’t stress about delivery, because my last three were uneventful and magical. Well I wasn’t prepared for what lied ahead with this delivery. We welcomed our daughter abruptly into the world at the start of fall. Our family became complete and we all felt like she was the missing piece to our puzzle. 

Reflecting Back on 2016

I had to make a hard decision to take a break from blogging in order to adjust to life with a newborn and the boys being homeschooled. It was a difficult transition, because I love what I do, but I had to refocus and put my family first. I didn’t know if that meant 6 weeks or 6 months, but I decided to embrace what came of it. Everyday I wake up reminding myself “this too shall pass” and we will have a routine soon enough. I realized that work would find it’s way back into my life when the time was right.  Now that my baby girl is three months old, I am squeezing in work where I can. 2016 taught me that everyday is not guaranteed, plans change and that’s okay.

I decided to not make any resolutions for 2017, but to live in the moment and enjoy it all. I know that this year we will grow more in our business and family life. 

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer who built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms to stretch their dollar. Michelle homeschools her 4 kids and lives right outside of San Antonio, Texas.

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